Making a Difference

The team at izzi™ is committed and dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives.

The business has come a long way in the past five years and we are well on the way to becoming a world leader in the rapidly-growing electronic cigarette and vaporizer market. We are proud to have won awards for our innovation and our company is advancing with the growing times to meet the burgeoning demand for e-cig and vaping products.

Many of our customers have discarded traditional tobacco cigarettes and all the harmful effects they pose.

The izzi™ team is continuously progressing. Our experts have developed a Nicotine formula that satisfies the cravings of smokers. We also love to listen to our customers and every product we launch is based on their feedback. Remember, the customer is always right. We also have a charitable heart at izzi™ and profoundly support the work of Red Cross.